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Then, read the story to her and let her illustrate it. Your little learner can turn his silly statements into even sillier stories by mixing and matching wacky sentences to form a comedy-infused tale with a ton of learning benefits snuck inside. Before turning the page, ask your child what he thinks will happen next. You can also ask your child what other way the book could have ended. Using different colored words to signify different voices and whose turn it is to read, this rhyming book is full of easy-to-understand language, quick and simple stories, and a great chance to push your little one to practice reading.

Kids are tactile and enjoy few activities more than poking things with a stick. Many preschools encourage kids to make letters out of Play Doh or draw them into sand or clay. The next time you are out in the park, or at the beach, or in the snow, use your surroundings to play with letters. Take turns writing letters in the snow, dirt, or sand. Book Pick: Before you hit the sandbox or the seashore, read Beach with your little one to get swept away in sandy scenes and simple language.

Thank you so much for this list. Representation definitely matters. Glad to see that so many other independent publishers are stepping up to create these books! This book is not on the list. However, I will make a note of it. Thank you for the suggestion! Please follow and like us:.

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Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Published by simplyoutrageousyouth. Representation definitely matters Loading No problem! When her husband is no longer able to take their children trick or treating the mama braves this new experience and takes them despite her fear of the holiday and her trouble adjusting to her new home.

He opened it and scanned it himself and then brought it over to me, so I gave it a try. He loved it. The book takes the reader through a haunted house, and each scary thing it houses. At the end of the book you see the little girl and her dad coming out of the haunted house, she is exhilarated, but he looks terrified! My son loved that detail, great message about it being ok to be scared! Wobble, the witch cat by Mary Calhoun is a vintage story that is charming and much loved by my son.

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When we read this, my son was 3 and loved vacuum cleaners and thought it was hilarious that a witch would try to fly on one. I liked the idea that witches sweep the sky so that the children can be safe under the stars on Halloween night.

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I must have read this times and even after Christmas had come and gone it was still requested all the time. The story is a rebus read along, so it is repetitive, and it builds upon itself. The repetitiveness allows them to anticipate what is next and feel included. Very cute even after reading it hundreds of times. The premise is simple; each page has a well known Halloween character including a witch, skeleton, Frankenstein all hiding behind their hands playing peek-a-boo with the readers. At the end of the book, there are more flaps to lift to reveal trick or treaters and the same Halloween characters hiding in their haunted house.

He was giggling through the whole book and the end when the old lay belches he laughed hysterically. It was predictable but I have to admit was a really fun, silly read. There is something about this little mouse that children just love. My daughter will reach for a Maisy book over just about any other if given a choice.

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The story is also a cute introduction about the fun we have dressing up for Halloween. Monster Mess! Readers follow along as the monster creeps through the house finding messes and tidying up. I know I do, a lot so that part resonated with me. The illustrations by S. The story is simple, and parents will find it predictable but kids find it silly and fun, and that is what matters.

This witch and her cat are so far from spooky that this is a great Halloween book for young kids who are easily scared and the message is one about friendship and making room for everyone. Go Away, Big Green Monster!

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Through the use of die-cut pages, a scary monster is created page by page. This great interactive approach gives children control of the monster and hopefully helps them to understand and control their own fears. The story is all about Halloween night and the sights and sounds on one street as the night goes on.

Both my kids have been grabbing for this book off our shelf when I ask which book they want to read. If it can be a favorite for an almost 5-year-old boy and a month-old girl I say it will probably be a hit at your house too. The story is adorable and empowering too. She devises a plan, and then another to get rid of these monsters, but it is an accidental kiss that finally gets them to go!

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Kids will love this funny book about a brave girl not afraid but totally fed up with monsters. They will eat wheels and tractors; they will not eat broccoli. It was a fun way of opening up a talk about what foods we like and why trying new things is a good thing. Hazel is a horrible monster, but all her family is so busy oohing and awing about how horrid her baby brother is no one notices her.

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This is a cute story about siblings, but these siblings are competing to be the very worst monster! Cute book! Is a Halloween favorite at our house and has been for years.

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Ghosts in the House! A little girl moves into a house and soon finds out it is haunted. Luckily she is a witch and knows just what to do. The ghosts in the story seem mischievous but never scary, and even when she washes them in the washing machine, they are still smiling! My son loved this book; the text was the perfect length for a 3-year-old, short but still descriptive. I loved the simple black and orange colors and had to look at the copyright twice because I was certain this was written sometime in the 30s, nope Absolutely a perfect Halloween book for children not yet ready to be scared for fun!