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At ESP we can help you preserve your home movie memories by digitizing them. Internet video sites like YouTube are popular arenas for sharing your videos with family and friends or the entire Internet community. We can help digitize and load your videos to YouTube for public or private viewing with a password. Great for video sharing with relatives and friends from afar, for marketing a product or webinar series , the possibilities are endless! Call us with your idea to see what we can do for you If you plan on editing your own movies but need some assistance, we're here to help!

Bring us a hard drive along with the videos you'd like transfered and we will save it to your hard drive in the video format you request. We also do video conversion and editing! What is an interactive DVD anyway? Let us organize your movies and build your own DVD menus incorporating a Scene Selection visual index system that allows you to see a motion thumbnail clip representing each custom set chapter. A very fun and easy way to effectively navigate through your content. With new custom designed menu themes your DVDs will look like a Hollywood studio produced them!

Make a scene. One of the best things about watching DVDs is navigating from scene to scene without rewinding or fast forwarding. Let your own home video outshine the one you rent for the weekend. Don't wait until it's too late to back up your iPhone movies and photos! We can convert and transfer your home movies off your cell phones, hard drives, USB drives, thumb drives, iPhones etc. Each layer or side is equivalent to 4. With this type of format there is no printing on the surface or is usually limited to the hub for labeling purposes. With the need for more and more storage space, the DVD was developed.

A single DVD disc, double sided with 2 layers on each side. Conversely each layer may store approximately 8 gigabytes of data on each side.

Video Tape & DVD Duplication Transfering Service Start Up Sample Business Plan!

Custom manufactured mini discs have the same replication process as a full size 12CM disc. Each disc is injection molded to its finished size and data is imprinted using a stamper.

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These are often used by companies for promotional and marketing campaigns. Digital content can be added up to MB and has loads of advantages in attracting attention. There are several advantages when it comes to media replication but the greatest advantage of this process lies in its ability to mass produce a volume number of discs with consistent quality and premium results. If you are looking to offer your media through wholesalers, retailers or other means of distribution then you definitely will want to consider replication.

CDs and DVDs are major carriers of information and such storage mediums are easily accessible in today's marketplace. Utilizing a professional replication service ensures your product gains maximum visibility and sees that quality satisfaction standards are met.

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CD and DVD replication is the quickest and most economical way for multimedia reproduction and delivery. Almost any business, non-profit organization or private individual can use media replication to their advantage. Who can benefit from Media Replication? Whether you are a filmmaker that needs DVDs for a theatrical release, or an independent musician just finishing up recording on a new album or a corporate infrastructure getting ready to launch a marketing campaign, CDs and DVDs are vital tools to get your products into the hands of potential buyers. Using media replication remains an increasingly important choice to deliver your message across a broad spectrum.

It can be used for instructional videos, product catalogs, multimedia presentations, inbound and outbound marketing, training manuals, education, audio books, gaming and much more. Regardless of its intended purpose, the benefits from media replication are endless! CODA continues to complete work for many industries across the globe.

Exceptional Quality Craftsmanship Manufactured discs often have to abide by specific industry standards set by the International Organization for Standardization, better known as ISO to ensure consistent quality control and performance is met. Expect nothing less than premium quality and excellent craftsmanship! If we encounter any major correctable problems, we will phone you with our suggestions.

We strive to give you best transfer possible. This packages also include a high quality commercial grade DVD which provides you with the longevity and optimum compatibility of your product. It's quality you deserve. The second option is our PTS option. With the personalized transfer service PTS , you will get a series of diverse choices to best fit your needs and project.

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Let's go over a few of these. With our ProcAmp, if needed, will enhance the saturation,luminance, hue and the gain to restore your video as best we can as it was meant to be. We use high grade, commercial quality DVDs which are the most compatible disc we? Customizable ask for a quote and water proof disc print.

Great quality at an economy price. Next is the BASIC DVD which includes all the great features of the economy but we add a disc title and chapter marks to the disc menu, to navigate freely through memory lane.

The Digitization of VHS Video Tapes – Technical Bulletin 31 - ugecodow.tk

It includes the before mentioned features and the ability to combine up to four tapes for a total of 2 hours on your master DVD. Just like DVD movies you purchase at the store. You can show off your new DVD with the premium customized scene selection buttons. And remember, the custom package includes all the magnificent features of all the others with our quality guarantee.