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There is a lot of history behind that label! Will buy a bottle next time I see one of these labels! Looking forward for your next input on this blog! Jacques, Shall we have a dinner party with Monsieur Phelps? There is much to choose from in his collection. Great article about a great man. We will have to make a visit next time you are in the area!

Sam, You will surely hear from me before I come back to the wine country. I envy your daily commute when passing such wonderful vineyard sites. Contributor Clark has for years done his best to guide my oenophilic excursions. And now I can read such interesting commentary as this. Keep it up! Jerry — Thanks for this wonderful article. I too am only vaguely familiar with all that Napa has to offer but, as a consequence of this article, will be sure to make this a destination point the next time in wine country.

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Enjoyed your first contribution and encourage more. Hi Ted, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Jerry promises to continue to contribute to Provence WineZine and I, too, look forward to reading more! Tres bon article de revue Jerry! I missed Joseph Phelps passing. Thank you, Jerry! I am ready for the journey to Phelps Vineyards and a tasting. Reading your article first thing in the morning has my head spinning about the pleasures of wine, and the possibilities of having it with breakfast. Again, thank you for the inspiration and thoughts about things that continue to make this world more beautiful.

Wine with breakfast! Is that some kind of Cajun thing? If we use my one visit only scenario, then I would be starting the day with breakfast in San Francisco, heading out around 9 am. If you talk of peace and tranquility, the Redwood forested glade borders on a different time and world. I could be there anywhere from an hour to three, if a little hike is included.

When I get to Napa country it likely time for lunch. My preferred stop for a bite is Bistro Jeanty in Yountville. So, all of this to answer that about pm to be seated with a glass on the Phelps terrace. After that its on to another local vineyard, or cross over to Sonoma for one stop before heading back to San Fran.

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Nicely written article. I am familiar with the Phelps name, but have not yet tried it myself. Thank you Jerry! And you should be able to find their offerings at any decent merchant wine shop. David, You are so right. Provence white is like finding Greek anything. But definitely worth the look. Val Joanis near Pertuis does a very good, and reasonably priced viognier, and I am fairly certain it can be found in the US.

On occasion a good merchant will stock Cassis whites, which are very fine indeed. I will look around my neighborhood for les Fouques. The viognier you mentioned sounds really good — I will have to take a look for it, as well. Hope you are able to find Les Fouques! This lovely property is under new ownership. Wines are as good as ever, but changes include a slight charge to visit the lovely gardens. They are also doing an outdoor film showing from time to time. Thx for the recommendation. It is always so hard scary!

Especially thx for the substitutions available. Curry is a tough one, but I think you will find this works nicely with a very light curry. I think a sturdier viognier would work nicely with more intense curries. I enjoy reading about pioneers in most any industry. A great tribute to Mr. Phelps and his labor of love. This weekend at the wine store, Phelps it is! Planning a small group tour?! I am smiling at the idea you have eloquently presented.

Keep the wine stories flowing, my contemplative spirit can only handle living vicariously. Karen, Actually I should be. Its been a couple of years since I have been in California wine country. Yes, its truly a global culture, and with very ancient roots. These included wine amphorae that noted vintage dates, vineyards and winemakers. Perhaps I should bury a time capsule with the best of modern Napa, which would include Phelps Insignia. And I hasten to add that the Domaine Ott Marc was a terrific match!

These look so good! We very much enjoyed exploring the Roman archaeology in the region and agree with you — several days are necessary to see even some of what is offed. Loved the illustrations, too — thanks to Mike for sharing them! What a crowd those Roman Royals were, eh. But I take my hat off to them as builders. So much to see and learn roaming around Provence, and never far from some wonderful food and wine to sustain the traveling.

When I saw it, I was too young to appreciate the history behind the characters. Nice to envision you enjoying the same countryside a couple of millennia later with similarly delicious wines. Jenny, This was my first reading of I, Claudius. I chose it based on hearsay over the years, and also because he was born in Lyon, where my story begins and where I lived from I will catch up one day with the BBC series. I had no idea that Irons portrayed Caligula.

It will be fun to contrast him in an early evil role, and the aged chairman in the film Margin Call. I really want to continue delving into their civilization. Merci Jill! You are a funny man, Jerry. I really enjoyed this article, and the illustrations are a perfect accompaniment. Pamela, So glad you enjoyed it. I too love the illustrations, and hope they encourage readers to take in some of what early civilizations left behind in old Gaul. For example, just before returning home last week we went to visit the Franco-American Museum at the lovely Chateau of Blerancourt World War I battle country, in Aisne Department The museum has been going through a long renovation process, dating back to , and remains closed.

You are such a charmer, even with your writing. Stop seducing me! I love reading what you have to say about wine. You make my mouth water, and I get wild ideas about taking off to seek wine adventures. My imagination soars while my lips desire wine. Your stories entices one to love wine, everything about wine, from selecting, opening, pouring, holding the glass, lifting it to the lips, and then that first taste.

Should I go on? Thank you for the pleasure of your stories! The wine country will be ready to receive you whenever you get there. But Provence is unique to others, if for no other reason than the history that surrounds it. The mind turns over and over, imagining the pleasure and sustenance Provencal wines provided personages from Abelard and Heloise to Marion Cotillard and Russell Crowe.

This reminds me how fortunate I am to have been on that same journey so many times over the years. Thank you for sharing this perspective, which is so much more cultured and interesting than that of a 16 yr old ;. Just think of when you will make that trip on your own. Now you have a list of spots to visit and wines to taste. Article merveilleux et lyrique! Merci tellement! Merci David! It sears its way nicely through the aftermath of a too-rich dinner. Now I know that grappa and marc are roughly equivalent.

Thanks for the informative article, and the gorgeous photographs! What a great read, with or without a glass in hand. Interesting how your memory can intermingle your travels, movies, plays, books and sips of wine. Evidence of a Life Well Lived? Claire, I guess it comes down to loving to get behind the wheel of a car and see what there is to be seen, which heading down to Provence from Lyon is a lot. Me, too…. Watch for a Wine Snoop post to roll out soon about Garrus! I think that is a great idea, Towny! Like a compass near north, I would be spinning dizzily with all these choices!

How fun that you tasted them all! What fun indeed! A handful of slightly salted almonds is a friendly crunch alongside this one. Great list, Susan. Where is the domaine? Might have to do a road trip to keep up with the Manfulls! It would be a great destination! Bonjour Pierre. Un endroit parfait pour siroter.

The Kid Brother

Great to have access to your recipe. Do you also have a recipe for another favorite of mine, a Lyonnaise? Susan, Its tough to have a favorite when coming into the fall season access starts to disappear with re-stocked shelves at the local wine shops I haunt. I really enjoyed that wine…. I will pick up another bottle and may add that to the list!

Thanks for reminding me! Yes, indeed! I recently saw Domaines Ott in LA, too. Use the Wine-Searcher feature on the right side above to look for others and let me know if there is a particular one you are looking for! Happy wine hunting! I recently noticed they have started fading from our shelves in Tucson — I hope yours are readily available throughout the season! Hello Pam! For aperitif, I usually choose something easy-drinking, but once I start considering food my thoughts drift towards wines with more structure. Thanks for the good points!

What a perfect wine to toast Pope Francis! Or to toast anything. Now that we travel to France on a regular basis, for both business and pleasure, I can indulge my taste for this delicious, full bodied wine. And, it turns out, after visiting Chateau Fortia, a Chateauneuf producer, last year, I also love the whites. I am so glad to find another, affordable Chateauneuf. Lovely post, as always. Hi Antonia, Do you like those from Gigondas and Vacueyraus? Also two of my favorites. His name is Jacques Pigerol.

I have his telephone numbers if you are interested. Thanks so much for the kind words about the post! What a good excuse to sip a wonderful wine! What do you think? As always, thank you for your comment, David! What a touching tribute, Susan Manfull! Wish I had been there to toast with you. The Foire aux Vins is on now in all the supermarkets in France. Merci for the inspiration. Hi Henri, I will put you on my list for tastings! Certainly Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day—and the others you mention—would be subjects that would last the evening! To my mind they upgraded over what they had been served in the Vatican, though in no way disparaging of Italian wines of that time.

The contributions from other regions of grapes and winemaking itself is a fascinating subject. Poking alongside not on! Have yet to try papel wines. Your artical and inviting photo lead me believe I have been missing out. I will attempt to find an affordable yet desirable Papel wine. If you, or anyone you know, has a suggestion please let me know.

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Not Provance I know. Happy Birthday David! Your recipes are beautiful and the sharing of your mishap proves yet another silver lining was found.


Thanks, Patti! I have to say that I will never stop learning how food and wine go together. Each time I think I have it down, I get a surprise! The depth of color makes much more sense to me now. Loved this post, Susan. Thanks fro sharing your visit to the dark side. Hi David, I do think the Kermit Lynch wine would be better paired with food. Even the minimal pairing we did on the second round with the smoked salmon made it more appealing to me.

In fact, I think the right food would bring the best out in all of these wines. Re Tavel, I will have to visit that appellation one of these days! Thank you Pierre. We will try and remain humble. You should pay a visit to this domaine, definitely vaut la peine! A mystery, as you say. Lovely photos, too, and nice to see you chilling on the beach!

Hi David. Pam, Most informative and enjoyable reading — truly! Oh, merci Jerry. I would love to know more about previous owners. Perhaps someone will see this article and be able to fill in the blanks. The entire area around the domain would be a great destination for a day trip on your next visit to Provence. Perhaps we can all go together.

To obtain some we may need to revive Sir Charles Litton of Pink Panther fame — at least we know he is attracted to jewels of rosy hue. You are very kind Joseph. Unfortunately for us, it is across the ocean! Well done! I must definitely try the wine and visit the place. We should plan a Cotignac Wine Association road trip. See you at our next meeting! Hi Pamela I loved reading this article and it has a special meaning to me. Although a Brit, I live 30 miles east of San Francisco but lived in Provence 2 years ago I think part of me is still there!

Then last year I saw it for sale at Daylesford Barns only discovering the Bamford connection when I later had lunch at the Wild Rabbit. I also lived in Lourmarin, where Susan lived, I have unsuccessfully tried to get in touch with her. It is such a small connected world Love to be in touch more and do check out my blog! Yes, small world. I first met Susan when we were in graduate school together in California and have visited the Manfulls many times in Lourmarin.

I did not know the Bamford connection, either, until visiting the domain. This tasting was a lot of fun. I remain a big fan of Vignelaure wines. I think Le Page is a wine whose brilliance is easy to overlook because it drinks so easily. In this tasting, I thought it had the best balance of acidity, fruit and body. Well done Pamela,a real delight to read. I am in cold, damp Ireland today and your article transported me back to the warmth of Provence. So glad you enjoyed it Patricia. Hi Pam , Beautifully written and most informative article,thoroughly enjoyed it.

Looking forward to sampling the rose and visiting the Chateau.

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Very glad that you liked it, Pamela. A visit to the domain may be in order to stock up on wine for the holidays! Thank you Sharron. I have got a bottle of Vin cuit — de Virant — and I am wondering what is the best temperature to serve it. It is not to be heated, right? Lucky you! And an early Merry Christmas to you! Hello Joy. Annie, thank you. Fascinating article, Pam. The place, the people, the history and of course the wine are so intriguing. Would love to visit someday and will be on the look out for the wine!

In the meantime, I will have to just look at your amazing pictures! Best, FF. Hi Tracey. Yes, a fine reason to get yourself to France. Their wine is distributed in California, so you could start sipping there until you get back to Provence. What an interesting article! I had no idea about the provenance of barrel tasting. It makes perfect sense now. Peter, I have never gone so far as to try my own bottling.

I would be all thumbs for that kind of thing. But my readings tell me the the Brits could order smaller casks from the UK merchant and fill up and lay down directly at home. One of the oddities in my cellar is a 15 liter cask now empty of Nouveau Beaujolais that the renown producer Georges Duboeuf shipped to the US for retail sale.

Warren, While this is a far cry from the printing industry, I love turning closer to tendrils of the vine. What a history! What a vineyard! And what a wine! Thankyou Pam for an insightful and interesting article. Hi Jeremy — glad you like. An amazing article — beautifully written, original research, great photos, a rare delight to read. Congratulations Pam.

What a talent. Thank you Stephanie. Such a fun and informative article Jerry! And the barrel tasting at Tardieu-Laurent was fabulous — it pays to have friends with influence. Great article! Love that I learned a little something or a lot of something about the area and history, and not just about the wines!

It was so in-depth. So glad, I learned a lot of something too writing the article. You can always pick up a bottle in NY. Expecting an article on wine, I learned so much more. History can be so interesting and entertaining, as is wine. A great article. I look forward to future articles written by you, Jerry. Deirdre, History and wine are so interconnected, which is likely one of the things that headed me toward wine in the first place. Jerry — this was a great history lesson, and I would love to hear you do 30 minutes of stand up anytime! I have witnessed some really acrid comments from one country about another, especially the French about the English — so bitter, they are actually funny.

It was tough being a Yankee from Rhode Island moving to Texas thirty years ago. Happily I escaped after four years, and the scars have healed. And Jerry, you say nothing about the size of the bottles used by the les negociants. Richard, Until your post I had cleared away all recollection of our sail off Watch Hill with that huge bottle of Big Herm rolling from side to side. Thanks for the memories!

Not just for my small guest appearance, but I really enjoyed this article. I was pleasantly surprised to find that you somehow managed to locate the appropriate wine labels for your article in the chaos that is your study or any other black hole at 7 Heath St. What other fun artifacts are you concealing from us? Mom could use your skills to find your wedding album. You should know that all things wine related in the house are sacrosanct, thus readily retrievable. Our wedding album has gone missing? I have to think a bit about that. I especially enjoyed the history and the wonderful photos.

Over the years I have only ever viewed this area from the sea, you encourage me to make further exploration by land.. What a fascinating article! Who knew about all of this history and the way it still influences how things are done. Made me wonder about the smuggling business during those years when French spirits, especially, were lucrative, forbidden goods.

Too far afield for this venue? Never thought about smuggling, but makes sense that it would have occurred. I will look into this further among my wine books. Your query made me think of an incidence of illicit activity related to booze. The ships cargo included something like 50, cases of Scotch, which the villagers gallantly off-loaded and discretely stored away. No, not Provence, but some really good wine. I just interviewed Marc Perrin at Chateau Beaucastel this summer. What fun that stop would be! Thank you for the intriguing article Jerry.

Having lived in neighbouring Luxembourg for several years I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the best of both worlds. I find lovely French reds pair very well with Monty Python humour, and still do. Heidi, This is amazing. While I never traveled to see Luxembourg while living in Lyon, thus know nothing of it, not one hour before seeing your message tonight I was reading a memoir of a Canadian writer describing his time in Paris in the late twenties.

Brilliant idea. I knew the detective in you would need to make his own assessment! I like the backstory…. Cheers mate! I would certainly not claim to be a wine expert but I happened upon this wine in September in Carrefour, I think. Tendresses, aussi, vers toi et Muriel! What a delicious article David. Thanks for the inspiration. I feel like canceling my long standing order for a turkey for Thanksgiving and doing exactly this recipe and pairing.

So confused. Nonetheless will do this on another occasion. Pam — you know something? I just ordered a pork shoulder for Thanksgiving! I feel as though I am cheating on my country, but honestly, good pork is to me is so much better than turkey! Roasted porchetta, white beans and sage, and peas with celery and Marsala.

Belle et Sébastien

Should be fun, eh? What are you doing? David, Pierre has hit the alcohol point on the head. But there something else going on, related to climate. Reds that were once Twenty five years ago virtually the only red table wine at that level was Amarone, vinified after drying out a bit on racks. Climate change a factor? You bet. I am told the forward thinking Bordelais are looking at land in Scandanavia. I will not be around, but I smile imaging my great grandchildren drinking Lapland Red.

Chateauneuf du pape blanc is a favorite of mine, if only because I like to say it out loud. Even with an American accent. Send me a barrel, er I mean bottle. Claire, Now thats a nice bottle of white. But also look around for a Viognier. The name has a nice roll to it and the wine can be delicious more so coming out of France than California. Bob, Yeah, I love the stuff. Funny that it never made the unofficial drink list at the ATO toga parties. Guess I have to admit having pagan tastes as a youth. Jerry — I read your comment just before heading to bed last night, and I have to say I fell to sleep with a big smile on my face thinking about a Lapland Red!

It is sad and frightening — and fascinating — what climate change is doing to our foods and wines. David, If the vineyard move north comes earlier than I expect I will be ready for it. I have been enjoying eiswein, vin glacier, etc. Yes, I have been enjoying those as well and, as long as the wine is good even Arizona wines! I imagine we are cut from similar cloth in that way…. Wonderful post, Susan — and I am so glad you got to taste this wine.

I would, however, have been happier if you had sent me the bottle…. Ringel, Ringel, Rosenkranz Ich tanze mit meine Frau. Je danse avec ma femme. Pour la jeune fille, la Gretchen de Faust en est encore le symbole parfait. Il y a pourtant des cas plus nobles. Elle ne se soigne plus. Celle de Hanovre, par exemple, est fameuse. Les Allemands lisent. Car Benjamin Rabier est un fabuliste, et il agit comme tous les fabulistes. Je ne vous dirai pas que Rabier a beaucoup de talent. Un titre court en explique le sens.

Chaque vol. Des erreurs? Le Novellino de Masuccio ou Rasuccio? Il en est question. Strentz en un acte, et un drame en trois actes de M. Selon un humoriste, M. Depuis un certain temps, M. Ambroise Vollard a sur le chantier un singulier ouvrage sur notre administration coloniale.

Au reste, M. Depuis la guerre, elle est surtout goguenarde et malicieusement vengeresse. Georges Courteline, ceux que M. Henri Rosny. Les premiers volumes de J. Le roman de M. En , M. Or, par ordre de M. Dans le livre de M. En effet, M. Pour ce qui est du second, une erreur de M. Lucien Descaves avait trente-neuf ans, M. Georges Ohnet est mort. Henry Bordeaux. Ils sont intelligents. Jacques Copeau? Au contraire, il y a des amateurs en extase.

Sous le patronage de MM. Barthou, V. Burrows, A. Croiset, P. Deschanel, G. Gauvain, Th. Homolle, P. Puaux, J. Reinach, A. Ribot, A. Thomas, M. Paul Gsell qui versifie. Un critique italien, M. Marinetti sait-il nager? Le docteur J. Ce sont des sanglots, mais des sanglots harmonieux. Ce fut une merveille pour toutes les jeunes dames qui nous firent cercle. Mais que ne fait-on pas pour une duchesse! Je la reconduisis au bal en nous levant de table. Sa taille petite et grosse soutenait, je ne sais comment, un jupon sale, sur lequel flottait un petit mantelet de taffetas noir tout en loques. Elle trouva sur sa route un bon accueil de la part des anciens sujets du duc de Courlande.

Je remarquais toujours sur les figures de ces pauvres gens une de ces deux expressions. Anatole France. Chesterton que M. Le plus grand peintre suisse contemporain, Ferdinand Hodler, vient de mourir. Il avait un sentiment assez vif de la nature. Et cependant ils ne manquent point. Il y en a cependant. On sait que Rodin ne voulut jamais faire le portrait de M.

Le mot est excessif. Picasso doit graver une eau-forte. La lettre de M. Mais pourquoi M. Elles ne manquent point. Les Dix le regretteront, sans doute. Vous demandiez qui est Nelligan, ou qui fut? Du Nelligan? Robinson, Frost, Masters, Sandburg, H. On lui reprochait des attitudes un peu ridicules.

Marinetti, de M. Henri Duvernois raconte une anecdote bien amusante. Pierre-Paul Plan, par exemple. Elle est extraordinaire. Pour subsister, ils se contentent souvent de balayer les rues. Jean-Pierre Jacques Dixi , caporal mitrailleur aviateur. Medardo Rosso qui est maintenant sans aucun doute le plus grand sculpteur vivant.

En attendant, M. Depuis longtemps M. Le livre de guerre de M. Il est entre toutes les mains de la jeunesse. Soffici est maintenant son chef. Junoy, Joaquim Folguera, J. Le prochain roman de M. Maurice Simart, Canudo, P. Grovlez, R. Marghiloman redoute le plus.

Pour les soldats, il y a le poteau, il y a aussi le cercle. Le Dr S. Poinsot, M. Il y a en ce moment, en Italie, une affaire Goethe. Ils gagnent au change. Le conservateur de la Maison de Balzac, M. Le professeur M. Des illustrations en noir et en couleurs accompagnaient le texte qui est parfaitement clair.

Guillaume Apollinaire y publia ses premiers vers. Cette expression intrigua jadis Wagner. Cherchant alors sur le plan de Paris, il trouva en effet une rue des Lombards. On se demande en effet comment le chanteur aurait pu se faire entendre? Le chef des futuristes italiens, F. Il fut sans aucun doute le plus fashionable des peintres. Notre collaborateur M. Il comprend les noms de MM. Celle de Stendhal en est une. Les oiseaux chantaient dans les hautes branches.

Berr, Le Lion devenu vieux de M. Villeroy, Monsieur Puic-Puic de M. Alfred Machard. Willy, dans une lettre importante pour les biographes futurs. On nous affirme que M. Bien que M. Il est incontestable que M. Cette affirmation paraissait douteuse. Ses partisans restent turcophiles. On ne regarde pas dans les haremlik. Il faut souvent le canon pour forcer des bicoques.

De temps en temps, dans cette cour passaient des pappas. Mais les miracles sont interrompus. Le catholicisme allemand est surtout pratique. Herbert Booth serait le directeur. Les socialistes allemands sont dans la joie. Les catholiques aussi. Le premier contact entre Russes et Japonais eut lieu en Mais les Japonais agirent avec promptitude et vigueur.

Mais il agit comme elle et tandis que le nord se peuplait de Russes, au sud le nombre des Japonais augmentait. Cette action indigna les Japonais. Chemulpo fut ouvert en Le contrat fut accompli par les deux parties. Fernschreiben remplacera sous peu telegraphieren. De tout temps, je crois, on a vu Cabliaud ou Cabliot au lieu de cabillaud sur les menus des restaurants allemands. Mahmoud Nedim bey est un homme peu estimable, envieux, avare et jaloux. Il ne resta que la femme du ministre roumain. Mahmoud Nedim bey ne broncha pas. Henri Braun. Harden appelle tout simplement des mensonges.

Il le crie violemment. Mais non, M. Harden, M. Bernhard fit amende honorable devant M. Harden cite une lettre dans laquelle M. Harden ne voulut plus recevoir M. Plus d'alarmes! Perfide, crains ma vaillance, Tu vois luire ton dernier jour. Le Comte - Tremble! Crains ma vaillance! Oh, crains tous de ma jalousie! Car c'est ta mort. En vain ton bras est fort, De mon courroux vois le transport. Crains ma haine, et sans retour! Ah, perfide! Crains ma vaillance, Tu vois luirr ton dernier jour!

De mon courroux vois le transport! Le Comte - De mon courroux crains le transport! Car c'est ta mort!!! Scene I Fernand and a group of the Count's retainers are lounging near the door; in the background soldiers stand watch. El Fernand - Awake! We must stand watch, Awaiting the purple dawn! Count de Luna, Our master Beneath the balcony of his beloved, sighing, Prey to sombre ravings. Chorus - Jealousy Gnaws at his heart.

Fernand - That troubadour who, from dawn to dusk Repeats his sweet song, That rival troubles him again. Chorus - To chase away the drowsiness That seizes us, Tell us again the story Of our Count's brother. Fernand - Gladly! Friends, come closer. Soldiers - What is it about? Retainers - Silence! All of you! Fernand - The father of my master had Two sons, his life's only hope. By the younger's cradle, The nurse dreamed fast asleep.

One day, in the light Of the new dawn, When she opened her eyes, What did she see near the child's crib? Chorus - What? What was it? Good Lord! Fernand - Before her eyes appeared A witch, Her terrible eyes rolling In their sockets. Over the poor angel, with fury, The old hag cast an evil eye Seized by horror, The nurse screamed for help, In no time, from every corner, Rushed in a multitude Of guards and servants; In great distress, running in the palace, Angered and threatening, They all wanted to drive off That witch, that evil spirit.

Out of the castle that infernal devil! Chorus - Righteous fury, Against that witch, Against that hag, That fatal demon! Fernand - She came, she claimed, To cast the baby's horoscope But at that very moment in his crib He developed a fever Burning with heat, Pale, languid, weakened by illness, The poor creature, offered in sacrifice to Hell, Was bewitched!!

The gypsy, ultimately, was caught; She was burned at the stake. But to her daughter, before dying, She left an inheritance of crime and revenge! Foul revenge! And it was prompt, The daughter abducted the Count's son! Then, in the very spot where The witch had been executed, Among a smouldering fire, Some passers-by, at day's break, Found, to their horror, a child's mortal remains. Chorus - Poor victim! So wicked a crime Deserves Punishment! And the father? Fernand - He was crushed by grief, But had a mysterious feeling, That his son was still alive, That he was safe From his deathbed he sent for our master, He made him swear That he would keep searching for his brother.

But his efforts were vain! Chorus - Of that crime Was the author never found? Fernand - Never! Infamous woman! Wicked hag! If only I might find her! Chorus - Would you know her? Fernand - I have this hope in my heart, Yes I might! Chorus - Just like her mother, the author of the spell, May hell swallow her up!

Fernand - Who? Her mother? Her soul flutters in the air, Her frightful ghost soils this world; And in the dead of night, In various forms, it shows itself. Chorus - It's true! Soldiers - On gloomy walls, Bird of the night, When all is dark One hears it sing in the shadows. Retainers - The owl's cry Is its merry song; Its burning wing Makes flowers wither. Fernand - Passer-by, take care, May heaven help you! For whoever dares, For whoever stares at it, Death!

That's his fate! No hope! Chorus - Death! Fernand - He walks by fearfully. Casts a livid glance On the gloomy bird Flying out of its nest. The fright that freezes him Betrays his audacity; He falls dead On the very spot. Just then midnight chimes A clock starts chiming midnight. Thunder and lightning! Cursed be the hellish witch!!! A drum is heard. The soldiers move upstage, and the retainers withdraw through the side door. Scene II The gardens of the palace; at the right, white marble steps lead up to the apartments. It is night and clouds obscure the moon. It's time, let's haste, The queen has asked for you.

It's time. What misfortune, my lady, Threatens you! Dangerous flame! Cursed be the day When such a love was born. From that merry day There is death in my heart! Like a ray from heaven, In vain is the sweet memory of him left to me. The night was peaceful and lovely Over the boundless plain.

The moon in the distance Was rising in the sky When the echo whispered Over the breeze, Which seemed to repeat The mournful chords of a lyre Accompanying A love song. What elation I felt! That tender song Repeated melancholically My name my name incessantly. At that sweet call I ran Oh, utter joy! I was enraptured, my eyes Beheld heaven itself! I feel such sorrow, How I tremble! I fear I am filled with a sinister foreboding, Announcing a long storm, Forget him, Heed the counsel of a friend! You feel no pity for me! Fervent love, sublime and tender love Speaks a language that only he can understand My voice calls him I think I can hear his from far My heart is enraptured.

I have given him my soul, I shall love him till my last hour, If I cannot be his on this earth, I shall follow him to heaven. If I must live without him, I shall be happy to die. I shall be happy to follow him to heaven. I swear it by my love, Without him I shall die. No, I would die. They walk up the steps into the palace. All is silently asleep. I keep watch over our royal lady.

Your fair eyes, Like a bright sun Light up my darkness, Where all is sadness. What burning fire Seethes in my heart! Yes, you will come, Cruel lady, and you will listen to me. He hears the chords of a lyre in the distance. The troubadour! What do I hear! Listen for one moment To this singing troubadour, Count - Oh, rage! Oh jealousy! And make you recognise the song Of this passing-by troubadour. Count - It is she Waiting for you, time seems to stand still, And a burning fever Consumes your beloved, Finally you are here!

No more tears, no more fretting, But only happiness for me! The moon emerges from the clouds, revealing a figure. What a mistake! Oh, heaven! What a strange thing, I thought you were here alone! I thought I heard your voice, And I came right away To meet you. I love only you! I swear to you, believe me! Count - Wicked woman! Count - Fear my wrath! Count - Say who you are! Count - Tell me your name! I am Manrique! Count - Ah! Tremble, unworthy man! You, an exile, a follower of Urgel, our enemy, You dare come here! You have come to your death look! Call the guards! For your rivals The executioner's axe And disgrace!

Count - For these new offences, I want your life, and I will have it! Count - Coward, fear my fury! Count - Let us fight! Blood freezes in my veins! For pity's sake!!! Count - No! The indignation That suddenly seizes my soul Marks your fate. Since you have told him: "I love you"; Ah!

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You must fear my wrath! That confession is a curse, It is your death sentence! Don't pay heed to that fool! A fight would drive me to despair! For pity's sake, listen to my prayer! Have pity on my love. Look at my suffering! But beware! If he dies, fear my vengeance! Yes, you shall have to endure my eternal hatred! No more prayers! I am saved by your love! Rogue, fear my bravery, Your last day has dawned.

Count - Tremble! Fear my bravery! Coward, I shall have your life! Fear my jealousy! Your impious audacity Has marked your fate. Death is your fate. In vain your arm is strong, Look at the fury of my rage. You shall have to fear my eternal hatred! My heart is yours until I die!!! Ah, wicked man! Fear my bravery This day will be your last! Fear the fury of my rage, Tremble, rogue! Count - Fear the fury of my rage! Your heart has decided your fate! In vain your arm is strong, Tremble, rogue!

Your fate is death!!! Le point du jour. Ils prennent des marteaux et frappent en cadence sur des enclumes. Un regard de deux beaux yeux, Qui de son coeur bannit la peine? Trinquons gaiement et soyons tous heureux! Au lever d'un beau jour redoublons de courage! Vite, courage! Azucena - La flamme brille Bas, se tournant vers Manrique. Il faut gagner son pain, Allons! En route! Ils prennent leurs outils et descendent dans le vallon sur la reprise du choeur.

Quelle est cette histoire terrible? Azucena - Tu l'ignores aussi? O mon fils, pourras-tu me croire? Une horde sauvage Me ferme le passage; Et puis des cris de rage L'accablent sous l'outrage Azucena - Un jour je prends le fils du Comte Azucena - Comme il pleurait! Pauvre victime! L'effroi, soudain, m'accable! Que vois-je? Jour de crime et de fureur! Azucena - Ah! Oh, terreur! Azucena - Oh, trop fatale erreur! Eh bien, qui suis-je? Azucena - C'est toi, mon fils!

Azucena - Oui, moi, te dis-je.

Lady Gaga - Judas

Un soir, l'en souvient-il? Dans les champs du carnage Sur tes pas j'allai sans effroi. Pour te sauver j'avais tout mon courage. Mais avec honneur en face! Pourquoi donc? Je frissonne S'il t'osait encor combattre, A tes pieds il faut l'abattre. De faiblesse! Azucena - Venge nous et sois vainqueur, Oui frappe-le d'un fer vainqueur. Qu'est-ce donc? Mais le bruit de ta mort A suivi nos exploits. Azucena - Mon fils Oui, cours sur l'heure. Le Messager - C'est bien. Va m'attendre Azucena - Quel trouble t'agite? Azucena - Pourquoi partir? Azucena - Non!

Azucena - Je le veux! O mon fils! C'est la mort qui te menace! De terreur mon sang se glace. Peux-tu voir couler mes pleurs? Ensemble Azucena - C'est la mort qui te menace! Reste mon fils! Mon fils, je meurs, adieu! Le malheur Qui nous menace Double encore mon audace. Le Comte - Courage! Fernand - Voici l'instant du sacrifice. Fernand - Soyez prudent! Sachons tromper les yeux jaloux, Gagnons le prix promis pour tous! Le Comte - Cruelle impatience!

Heure trop lente, avance! Je vois s'ouvrir le ciel! Le bonheur luira pour nous! Choeur des Religieuses en dehors - L'exil est sur la terre! Dans ce lieu solitaire Brille un soleil plus doux. Sachons tromper Les yeux jaloux. Nous perdons une amie. Ne me plaignez pas. Pour moi, Dans cette vie, L'espoir n'est plus Je me consacre au Seigneur, Consolateur Des maux de ce monde! Sur moi ne pleurez plus. Le Comte - Tu m'appartiens! Tous - Ah!!! Est-ce bien lui! Il vit! Il vit encore! O toi Un feu divin rayonne en moi!

Descends-tu sur la terre? Au ciel suis-je avec toi? Qui me guide en ces lieux. Pour moi s'entr'ouvrent les cieux. Merci, mon Dieu! Transport d'amour! Le Comte et Fernand - Oh! De mon tourment! Ne faut-il plus la voir, jamais la voir! Elle n'est plus en son pouvoir, Pour lui non plus d'espoir! Son coeur enfin reprend l'espoir, Et Dieu nous montre son pouvoir. Ruiz et les siens accourant - Vive! Mes amis! Ruiz Viens! Ruiz et les siens - Aux armes! Le Comte - Tu voudrais me la ravir? Oui, que tes jours soyent maudits! Le Comte - Oh!

Soyez tous maudits! Nos efforts sont trahis! Les Religieuses - Ah! L'effroi trouble tous nos esprits! Ruiz et les siens - Tous deux soyez unis!! Le Comte et Fernand - Tous deux qu'ils soient maudits!! Barren mountains under a purple sky; a fire is burning in the middle of the stage. It is dawn. Scene I Azucena sits by the fire, Manrique sits besides her, wrapped in his cloak; a gypsy band is scattered about. Gypsies - A new day is born Look at that sight! Night's veil has been lifted from the earth. Like a widow who lays aside her mourning, Nature casts aside a sombre mystery!

To work, quick! To work! They take up some hammers and start striking rhythmically on anvils. What helps a merry gypsy Stand his toil? The glance of two fair eyes, Who lifts the sorrow from his heart? The gypsy maiden! The men give their cups to the women, who fill them up. Pour out, fill up the cup With generous wine! Let's drink up gaily and be happy!

At the break of a beautiful day let's double our courage! Quick, to work! Who helps a merry gypsy Stand his toil? The glance of two fair eyes, The gypsy maiden! The gypsies gather around Azucena. Azucena - The flames are glowing the crowds Run closer, like a rolling wave. A humble woman walks by in chains, She is lead to her death The knell tolls and of the cruel stake The enormous flames Rise To the sky!

Gélinas Gratien

The flames are glowing, and the victim, Pale, at death's door, finally arrives. A scream breaks forth, The echo carries it and repeats it The knell tolls Gypsies - Your song is sad Azucena - Less sombre than the story Etched on my memory Aside to Manrique Vengeance! A gypsy man - My friends! Listen to me! We must earn our daily bread, Let's go! That road Leads to town They pick up their tools and walk down the slope on the repeat of the chorus.

Who helps Their singing fades away. What is that terrible story? Azucena - Even you do not know it? Yes your youth makes you sensitive only to glory You have no other concern. It was the story of your ancestress. On, my son, will you believe me? A haughty count falsely accused her Of having cast a spell On a child!

Azucena - That is where they dragged her, In tears, in chains, Unfortunate victim Sentenced to the stake! Followed by me at a distance, At the hour of her death, My dear mother Saw me and blessed me A savage horde Blocked my way; And then with angry shouts They insulted her At her last hour "Vengeance! Azucena - One day I stole the Count's son.

Oh heaven! A crime! Azucena - How he was crying! Poor victim! My heart, torn, throbbing, Softened a little Suddenly I was filled with fear! A mournful ghost Rose in front of my eyes It tormented me without respite A raving I reached out my trembling hand And in the flames I threw the victim and fulfilled my promise The vision faded and quickly passed Only the fire gleamed, and the flames were empty I turned my fearful eyes To look.

What did I see?