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I really enjoyed that one too : you didn't have to wait to have a strong heroin, the plot was interesting, the psychology a little deeper than usual, the hero was patient and charming. I'm on to book 3! Feb 21, Lise rated it it was amazing. Dec 20, Myshelle rated it it was ok. Lisa Gardner always writes amazing story lines, but this one actually failed to grip me.

Feb 19, Nicole rated it really liked it. Got this from a mystery date a book at my library and although its not a book I would normally have picked up I liked it.

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Moved fairly fast I will be picking up the next in the series. If your doing a trilogy the least you could do is have a little more interaction with the and future main characters. Great read Another great read by Lisa Gardner. I am never disappointed by the building of the characters and the plot of the story line! Jun 01, Cathy Mulcrone rated it really liked it Shelves: gigi-s-books. As always, a good read. Sep 22, Deb rated it it was ok. I did not finish this book. The book featured a wishy-washy female lead, and a male lead who didn't care for her wishy-washy, but kept going back for more.

A very bogged down book. Oct 01, Natalia rated it really liked it. Another awesome read by Lisa Gardner. I just realized that the books in this series are actually reprints of books Lisa wrote in the early 90s under a pen name. Now that I know this, it explains a lot of my curiosity at the lack of modern technology.

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Regardless of when the book was written, my enjoyment of it is in no way diminished. Lisa Gardner has always had the talent of writing some seriously messed up and complex characters that enthrall you from beginning to end. This story is about the s Another awesome read by Lisa Gardner. A former Marine, He now runs a Bar in Arizona, races cars, and is enjoying his quiet life. CJ has one weakness. He loves Saving Damsels in distress. Tamara Allistair is the perfect damsel in distress.

Having lost her entire family in a horrifying car accident 10 years ago, she has returned to Arizona to confront her pasts and find out the truth. This book was different from what I am used to by this author. Rather than mostly suspense with a hint of romance, we get mostly romance with a hint of suspense.

From the beginning, the main characters know most of the puzzle, and just need a few pieces to put it together. This made the plot mostly predictable. It did surprise me at times and that was unexpected. I enjoyed the Chemistry between Tamara and CJ. They balanced each other out well. I am super excited to read the next book in this series.

It is about the last sibling, Brandon.

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I am sad that I have to wait all the way until December to see what will happen next! May 13, Kari rated it liked it Shelves: audiobook , I have to say that I really liked Macnamara's Woman much more than the first one in the series, Maggie's Man. The major reason was that neither main character annoyed me. Tamara is in Sedona to try to find the truth about the accident that killed her family and her boyfriend and left her with years of surgeries and physical therapy.

The problem is that she is convinced the hit and run car was driven by a Senator. She just needs proof. I felt for Tamara. She had no one to help her recover. She has had to rely on herself for many years. She has also never dealt with the pain of her loss or with the PTSD from being a survivor. I loved him and how he was so smitten from the beginning. I was really hoping Tamara would be able to open herself up to love.

The mystery was really good as well. The truth of what happened that night was heartbreaking. I was also surprised because I was going in a completely different direction. There are also some hints as to what Max, C. I can't wait to read the final book. Brandon's Bride. Aug 24, Robin rated it liked it. This one was better than I expected, about a 3. However, this one was much better than Maggie's Man. The dialogue between C. The character development was well thought out and gave life to both characters.

The reader ends up rooting for both characters. The negatives were that the who done it was not much of a mystery. There could have bit a bit more sto This one was better than I expected, about a 3. There could have bit a bit more story and a little less sex. I realize it was written as a romance novel but how about more romance and less physical. I'm also not sure of the purpose of the first chapter and the guys C. We could have skipped that chapter entirely and not lost any of the story. Also the book just sort of ends and I was expecting another chapter or two.

The plan involving Gus and pretending she was a witness just didn't come across as something anyone would fall for. I have visited Sedona so I enjoyed reading about the locale where the story takes place. Nov 05, Carol MacInnis rated it really liked it. Ten years ago Tamara Allistair was in a car accident that took the life of her parents and boyfriend and left her critically injured.

Directly after the accident, she remembered seeing a man staring in the car and before she knew it he turned away and she heard the car speed away. Now all these years later she leaves her home in New York and returns to Sedona, Arizona where it all happened to try and find the man who killed her family and left her for dead. Ex-Marine C. MacNamara is owner of a Ten years ago Tamara Allistair was in a car accident that took the life of her parents and boyfriend and left her critically injured.

MacNamara is owner of a bar 'Ancient Mariner' in Sedona and also works part-time as a bail enforcement officer. J hangs up the phone from a call with his 'troubled' brother, he understands that both C. But no matter how much C. Tremendous story that keeps you guessing and wondering who this mysterious man was. The scenes really didn't enhance the story line at all merely detracting from it and making me rather uncomfortable listening to it in my car with the windows rolled down :- I am not a prude, but to be honest I appreciate good clean fiction without the details, probably why I read mostly Christian fiction.

I do like crime novels and I thought that is what I was getting. I found out later that this was originally published as one of those trashy romance novels wish I had known that I blush way to easy. I really enjoyed my last Lisa Gardner novel, perhaps I should just stick with her detective novels and stay away from any she published under the name Alicia Scott why do authors do this so weird. Jul 02, Linda rated it really liked it. This was a thoroughly enjoyable book with a lot of suspense. As her parents and boyfriend lay dying, Tamara saw a face peer into the wreckage and then leave.

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She spent years of surgery and rehab but had never forgotten the face of Senator George Brennan. Now she is trying to get proof and make him face up to the crime but someone is determined that Tamara fail in her quest. Back in Sedona, sh This was a thoroughly enjoyable book with a lot of suspense. Back in Sedona, she meets C.

MacNamara, owner of a local bar, who is attracted to her even though she keeps giving him the cold shoulder. Until one day when she is charged with the murder of a cemetery caretaker and C. Together, they worked to solve the year-old mystery of who was responsible for the death of Tamara's family. Oct 17, Mcfree rated it liked it. This was a feel good read. It is old, so it has a very dated feel to it, which was distracting. I have never read this author before.

I was pleasantly surprised. It was well written. The main issues I had with the book had to do with it's age. We've come a long way in 20 years. Such a wimpy, clingy heroine wouldn't fly. So many essential pieces relied on the weaknesses of that period's lack of connectivity. Even the heroine's medical issues were dependent on that period's medical options. I guess This was a feel good read. I guess the plot was a reworking of Chappaquiddick.

A senator in an accident that killed people. Only in this case he was able to cover it up. This may have dated it the most. I will most likely donate it. I can't see myself wanting to reread it. Oct 21, Darcy rated it it was ok Shelves: romantic-suspense , I find reading this author's early work to be interesting, but I like her newer mysteries much better. This one wasn't bad, but I wanted more interaction between the siblings.

There were a couple of calls with Brandon, but Maggie was no where to be seen.

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  5. I felt sorry for Tamara, for what she went through and how it affected her life. I did like that CJ was there for her from the start, loved that he new she was it for him, but knew it would scare him away, so he took things slow. My heart was bre I find reading this author's early work to be interesting, but I like her newer mysteries much better. My heart was breaking for Tamara at the end, she found out what happened, but the knowledge came at a great price. Sep 06, Eric rated it it was amazing. I finished the book in just two days, it was one of those books I could not put down until I finished it.

    I found it to be a very well crafted story with true characters within its pages. I look forward to enjoying more of Miss Scott's work in the future. Apr 16, Bridget Bailey rated it it was amazing. This is the second book in this trilogy and much like the first. Each book highlights each sibling and their journey but they seem to run somewhat parallel story lines.

    The book was good with some twists that were predictable to a point. Much like the first one, she describes the men all the same with the same kind of sex scenes in both. Still I enjoyed the book. Jul 12, Katherine rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads. I enjoyed this one as purely entertainment nothing wrong with that! Alicia Scott Lisa Gardner's romance AKA is clearly not as skilled as she becomes later, but she knows how to create interesting characters and story lines.

    Plan to read the rest of this series, also.

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