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Right there with you, Cleo! Also, why is there no record of this Depp incident in picture form??

I demand visual proof! Edited at pm UTC. I'm cool with Irene Adler being in it as long as she and Holmes don't wind up in domestic bliss at the end and the movie doesn't have Holmes making any grand pronouncements of love. RDJ can do subtexty smoldering like no one's business. I'm still hoping that "obscure character traits" means they'll be playing up the cocaine use; the Granada series did a lot with that but it's never been touched on in any movies as far as I know. Maybe they'll throw some opium in for good measure. Hollywood, it's no longer the '50s; stop hiring white dudes to play Native Americans.

Johnny Depp is Cherokee on his mother's side, I do believe. I'm going to admit my bias up front, by saying I adore "The New Yorker" although not necessarily their covers and simply detest "EW," which I think should be renamed "Ewwww. That is, it has no real point to make, other than to score a knowing wink.

I didn't like that cover of "The New Yorker," but I think one should at least admit what it is and not attack it for being what it isn't.

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In fact, the feature article on Obama in that issue did NOT portray him as any sort of radical at all. If anything, it portrayed him as a young man as a brilliant but otherwise rather typical Chicago Democratic party machine bureaucrat.

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Um, I dunno 'bout that. At least not lately. They had a full-page open-letter-style article for instance basically begging the news networks NOT to treat the occasionaally-rated-higher-than-American-I dol presidential race as if it were reality TV or a soap opera talking about "personal stories", relatability, etc.

And still really hasn't.

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None of the other networks either, from what I've seen. They treated it In short? Yes, they cover silly stuff, too. But they've also got better integrity than any television news source around the past few weeks. Which is, of course, utterly sad but last week it was to my mind indisputably true , too.

International Eye Candy: ANTICHRIST, JU-ON, VENGEANCE, Roy Orbison, Male Genitalia And More!

I've heard EW referred to as the "smartest mainstream entertainment magazine". At this point, I believe it. Interchangeably so, because David Tennant and John Barrowman needed to make the list. The part of me that's a Holmes purist is totally cringing right now. Irene Adler is fascinating because she's the one woman who totally stumps Holmes.

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